At Cannes Film Festival

You deserve to be recognized nationally and internationally

to be able to promote yourself and your business to the desirable markets.

LVH CLUB will be able to provide you with positive recognition and branding in the marketplace, through vast networking and distribution locations worldwide.

It is an endorsement to your efforts to advertise your business and ideas through our promotions.

Our concept is to help individuals, companies, large and small, join and share ideas from different countries by providing a platform of networking., , 

We provide our Sponsors, Individuals, Companies & Talent with an opportunity to be presented to the decision-makers in the entertainment media industry and to the personnel in the film, TV, music, modeling, and casting industry.

Private Events

You a Star

Be Part of the Film industry

We are offering a special Introductory initiation fee, for only $100, (One Hundred US Dollars) a Month you can be seen by Millions Globally.

Your Membership Starts for 3 Months from the Day You Sign, and a Payment is Made for the First 3 months, in which during these 3 month you can provide us with a write up about you and your business, including pictures, videos, and any promotional materials you have that you can provide us with

We will design and update your page on our website, with all the materials you provide us with, subject to the approval of the management to publish or not to the public.

Your page will be visible to the public and it will be targeted to the appropriate markets, plus it will be in a visual format as you can see on LVH CLUB, page

At the end of 3 month from the date you signed, it is up to you to continue or cancel, you can decide to continue with a monthly payment of ($100)

Join Us for a Promotion like no other starting at Cannes Film festival and continues to other Film Festivals and Markets Worldwide.


By paying the initial membership fee for Three Months from the date of The Payment

You are automatically a member of
(BE A STAR WITH THE STAR), in which you need to provide us with the Following: -

  • Writeup, about of what you want to promote on your page, in your own words,
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Music & Songs
  • Any other promotional materials that can help in branding you

SIGN to be part

Your monthly payment will be $100 (One Hundred US Dollars) and you can cancel any time


Be a Star With the Stars

The luxury Experience


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